Gentoo Solutions is a complete technical solution provider.

Gentoo Solution’s industry expertise & carefully selected partnerships have allowed us to offer complete solutions. With over 20 years of technical and commercial experience the company’s founder spotted the need in the market for a complete ICT solution provider.   A Solution provider whose reputation is built on knowledge, integrity and trust. Gentoo are here to remove your business’s ICT burdens, working alongside our trusted partners we are able to hold your hand and guide you through any ICT requirement you may have. You can be confident and assured that all of your ICT requirements are taken care of to give you the time and focus to confidently run your own business.

The Company’s Mission Statement

To provide sensible transparent business solutions built on knowledge, integrity and trust.

Why the Gentoo Penguin?

The behaviour of the Gentoo Penguin represent the company’s business ethos. Penguins are intelligent social creatures who develop long term relationships. They are also very effective communicators, communication is at the heart of their relationships with each other, just as it is with us.   Like humans’ they live in cities and towns called rookeries, where they learn to work and live together as part of a networked team.    Similar to humans’ penguins sometimes disagree with each other and may engage in squawking discussions and debates, however these are usually always resolved fairly and in a positive fashion.  All these traits they use to their advantage in order to care for one another and form life long bonds.  We believe that Market Expertise and Good Communication Skills are the keys to success!

Some of our Partners