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Gentoo Solutions are proud partners of one of the most exciting & creative media companies in the UK. Think Big Media Services offer a one stop shop for all your digital marketing needs, they specialise in web development, graphic design, video production & audio visual. As a preferred partner we are able to offer their full range of services at very competitive rates.  They have truly embraced the digital age & have successfully managed to combine the latest technologies with digital imagery. The end result is fully fuctional media projects displaying stunning special effects & imagery.

hosted voice

Jola, Gentoo Solution’s channel supplier of internet connectivity and hosted voice, has launched three new Premium Broadsoft hosted telephony bundles.

The bundles include the latest Polycom VVX handsets and a Premium Broadsoft licence with key features as standard.

“The trial we have been running to remove the upfront cost of handsets has been so successful that we have decided to extend the approach to all of our most popular Polycom models. We also have a range of competitively-priced bolt-ons including unmetered UK landline and mobile calls, call recording and CRM integration so resellers can customise and differentiate their market offerings.

Resellers benefit from a Premium Broadsoft seat which includes many unique features as standard such as disaster recovery, hot desking and shared call appearance. Although we provide the widest range of connectivity options at the best possible pricing we do not insist resellers have to buy their internet connections from us in order to get our best JolaPhone prices.” Andrew Dickinson, Managing Director, Jola.

Gentoo Solutions have been working with JOLA on a number of successfully Internet and Hosted Voice system setups in recent months, each setup has seamlessly worked with minimal disruption.


Audio Visual

Gentoo Solutions introducing SpinetiX.

SpinetiX is a Swiss company founded in 2006 by an international team of experienced entrepreneurs. It is a high technology solution-focused corporation with solid expertise in networked digital video and embedded systems. Targeting the digital signage market, SpinetiX has created the first hyper media player solution. This break-through technology enables the user to schedule, combine, stream, update, animate and display in real-time video, audio, graphics and text on any digital video display with low acquisition and operational costs.

The perfect Audio Visual marketing solution for any size business. From small retail units to large multi site enterprises, look no further than SpinetiX.

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Another great testimonial

“Our Business is expanding and Gentoo Solutions have helped us with our IT and Telephony needs. They have taken the time to understand our requirements and have proactively recommended and implemented the required solutions. Gentoo Solutions provide an excellent and reasonably priced Service. I would not hesitate in recommending ”
Des Mullaney – Managing Director at Tax Assist

Buying a telephone system used to be a headache for businesses that needed more functionality, expected to grow or had spikes in demand.

Higher specification systems that could do things like CRM integration, call recording, advanced statistics, intelligent call routing and advanced call handling were designed for large Enterprises and came with a large Enterprise price tag. For growing or seasonal organisations the dilemma was also what size of system to go for. Do they pay through the nose for a system now that will accommodate their needs during peaks in demand (e.g. Christmas) or for the number of staff they might have in 12 months time? Or do they go through the disruption and expense of upgrading nearer the time? What if they had to scale back, move office or simply didn’t grow as quickly as they had anticipated? Then they were stuck with an overhead they just didn’t need and probably couldn’t afford. Also SMEs want to spend their capital on acquiring and growing customers, not on infrastructure. What if there were a reliable alternative where they could get everything they needed CAPEX-free and only pay for what they use? Now there is.

The JolaPhone cloud voice platform supports around 11m extensions worldwide and has more features and functionality than the highest specification on-site Enterprise phone system. Everything can be paid for on a utility basis so there is no up-front cost and you rent only as many extensions as you need on a month-to-month basis. The cost of the handsets and phone calls included.

Cloud-based telephone systems have been around for years but now with the increased availability of high quality internet connectivity they have become first choice for any SME starting up or looking to replace their on-site telephone system.

JolaPhone cloud-hosted telephony can be delivered, installed and set up within days of ordering.

Here at Gentoo Solutions we are proud to offer all JOLA’s Solutions.

Original blog by Andrew Dickinson of JOLA

Looking for a new smart phone for your business?

Here are a few pointers to help you get started.

How much do you want to spend on a new smart phone?

The cost of flagship smartphones seems to increase year on year however if you don’t need the latest model you may find you can purchase a good smartphone for around £150. If you do have a big budget you could consider top of the range show-stoppers like the iPhone 6S or LG G4 however there are some great models like the 4G-enabled Motorola Moto E (2015) available at the fraction of the cost.

Consider last year’s top phones

The LG G3 – TrustedReviews Phone of the Year in 2014 – is now available for much less and is better than many new mid-range phones. This is a great way to get top-end features at a lower price.

What size smartphone should you buy?

Large-screened mobiles are very much in demand. Phones measuring in at 5.5 inches and above can be considered as such, and usually come with excellent displays that are great for watching videos on.

Anything between 4.5 and 5.1 inches is more practical for fingers and pockets, while still good for browsing the web.

Other things to consider

Things like microSD card slots, NFC, fingerprint scanners and water-resistance can dramatically affect the overall user experience of a smartphone.

Of all those, fingerprint scanners and NFC are quickly becoming must-have features. Not only does the former add extra security to your phone, the two combined open up the potential for contactless payments.

Android vs iPhone vs Windows: Which is best?

Buy an Android smartphone if you want a wide range of options

The Android operating system offers a better balance of variety and affordability than its rivals, due to the sheer diversity of Android smartphone manufacturers. There’s a phone to suit any desire or budget and even the flagship ones are often much cheaper than iPhone rivals.

Buy an iPhone if you value simplicity

iPhones are some of the most expensive smartphones you can buy, and the last-generation iPhone 6 will still set you back a fair amount SIM-free. However, design is always on-point, the apps are great and they’re very easy to use.

Don’t buy Windows Phone at the moment

Now is an odd time for Windows Phone. Microsoft is soon to launch Windows 10 Mobile and new phones to go with it.

Don’t need a new phone?

Go SIM only. Jola has a great deal for business users on Vodafone SIMs with inclusive minutes, texts and 4G data.

Blog by JOLA

Great to have some positive feedback


Peter Lampe

CEO at Emvigo Technologies Ltd / SPARA Ltd/CEO at Cavoda Ltd.

A great company offering a refreshing range of professional services. Look no further. Chris has all the experience, exceptional understanding of client needs to give positive results and peace of mind.

New services from Gentoo Solutions

New services from Gentoo Solutions.

We have expanded our range of communications products. Gentoo has always facilitated Internet connections for our customers on an ad hoc basis and we have now developed this as a line of business. We have access to every major carrier at really good prices, premium business SLAs and 24/7 UK contact centre support.
Hosted telephony and VOIP is now first choice for SMEs that have the right connectivity and the platform we have chosen is the world’s #1. Our first customers of the service are delighted by the way the product fits around and enhances their business. They quite like the free calls too!

The Market
The market has seen a big shift in the volume of new Ethernet orders as well as re-pricing existing circuits. This is saving businesses thousands of pounds a year by deploying new fibre connections and in nearly all cases getting a lot more bandwidth. We can provide services from 10Mb/s to 10Gb/s and we use all the major UK carriers, our coverage for businesses in the UK is around 99%. We are also on the Super Connected cities voucher scheme, a government initiative offering up to £3k towards the cost of Ethernet.

Lower your phone bills
Business phone bills can be dramatically reduced and new phone systems can be installed quickly with very little disruption to daily business life. You only pay for the extensions you use on a monthly basis and can add and remove extensions as required. If you move site you don’t need a new installation you can just move the phones, plug them in and they will work as before. In fact you can take your phone and plug it into an Ethernet circuit anywhere and make and transfer calls as if you were at your desk. You don’t even need to change your number. You get free UK calls as well as free inter-company calls.

Get a corporate solution on an SME budget
There is no better-installed and developed hosted telephony product than Broadsoft. Many advanced features are included in the basic monthly price and reasonably priced options make everything possible. A company with only 10 extensions can now have a better telephone system than corporates with thousands of extensions – all on a low monthly rental and with no capital expenditure.

Get a helping hand
If you are thinking about making a change to your business communications or if you have contracts coming up for renewal then give us a call. We can review your existing set-up including speed, performance and monthly bills, free of charge and with no obligation. If you have ISDN lines we can look at replacing these and upgrading your Internet so that you can run your business calls over it. We also have access to the best Vodafone business SIM deals in the country at the moment so if you are looking to reduce your business mobile calls without necessarily replacing all your handsets we can help.




Thinking of upgrading to Windows 10?
Gentoo Solutions can help

Windows 10, is available as a FREE upgrade to users of Windows 7, 8 and 8.1.

However there is a minor catch: the upgrade is only free for the first year Windows 10 is available. Windows 10 was officially released in 29/7/2015 and the upgrade will remain free for qualifying users until 28/7/2016.

Current version of Windows Free upgrade to

Windows 7 Starter = Windows 10 Home
Windows 7 Home Basic = Windows 10 Home
Windows 7 Home Premium = Windows 10 Home
Windows 7 Professional = Windows 10 Pro
Windows 7 Ultimate = Windows 10 Pro
Windows 8 = Windows 10 Home
Windows 8 Pro = Windows 10 Pro
Windows 8.1 = Windows 10 Home
Windows 8.1 Pro = Windows 10 Pro

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